Give Fishing a Go

The Environment Agency have launched a new campaign to increase the number of people going fishing and raise awareness of the need for a fishing licence in England. FishBuddy are pleased to support the campaign by spreading the message to the visitors of the FishBuddy Directory and all our #fishbuddies on the FishBuddy App and […]

Beach Baits On A Budget

Well the sea is certainly a tad lively this weekend with big tides and a brisk easterly wind. The seabed will be stirred up for sure and it could be an interesting period for those lucky to live by the sea and mad enough to brave the conditions. My week has been dominated by our […]

Bring back ‘ Burbot ‘ ?

Burbot, Lota lota, aka Eel Pout, Lawyer Fish, Lingcod are a holarctic species native to the cold fresh waters of the Nearctic and Palearctic regions found between 40 and 70 degrees North latitudes. Burbot are demersal fish found in deep temperate lake bottoms and slow moving cold river bottoms between 4 and 18 degrees C. […]

Bailey Payne – Essex Anglers

Full Name:  Bailey Payne FishBuddy Username: Essex Anglers Bailey Home Base: Essex When & why did you start fishing? I have been fishing since I could remember, my dad started taking me straight away, so I can imagine I must have been about 3 or 4! My dad is a match style fishermen, mainly using the Pole and […]

Midweek Blues

Afternoon fellow anglers, I hope you all had a great Christmas and you were happy with the fishy bits you received as presents. So, its that time between Christmas and New Year’s. The Turkey has finally run out and looking forward to a lovely joint of roast beef on New Year’s Day. I haven’t been […]

Winter Fishing

With us now firmly in December, Winter fishing is now upon us, cold rainy days and nights, frosty mornings. This type of weather separates Fishermen, with the smart who stay in and warm, and the mental who go out and freeze! However, winter fishing isn’t all bad. It offers a change in fishing, different species […]

Lee Rudge – Lee’s Angling Adventures

Full Name:  Lee Rudge FishBuddy Username: Lee’sAnglingAdventures Home Base: West Midlands When & why did you start fishing? I started getting involved in fishing at the age of 4. I spent my early years sat watching my dad on a local estate lake before I was allowed to have a go for myself. I was a child that […]

Phil Williams

Full Name: Phil Williams FishBuddy Username: Philly Home Base: Wirral, Merseyside When & why did you start fishing? My dad took me fishing at age 5 as far as I can remember. It was at Arrowe Park and caught perch and was enough to be hooked. Your best fishing trip experience? Catching 4 x 30+ Mirror Carp in […]

A Bobby Dazzler

I have to admit that I am not, nor ever have been, a big Darts fan. Back in my youth I used to pe partial to a game of arrows over a pint or six but that’s as far as it went. Seeing todays darts players being worshipped as sporting hero puzzles me somewhat, although […]