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Benjamin Morrison, aged 5, has caught an enormous 42-pound seabass all on his own

Seabass is a variety of different fish species. Most seabass are characterized by a large head and mouth, elongated body shape, and having a broad, fork-less tail. The European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is a bit different. They are silver-grey in color, and they live in the coastal waters of Europe.

A week ago, a 5-year old boy named Benjamin Morrison, also known as Lil’ Red, managed to score quite a huge game. The boy caught a giant 42-pound seabass all on his own. The boy was cheered and applauded by many experienced anglers aboard the boat on achieving this marvellous feat.
Benjamin was aboard the Island Spirit with his father in Ventura, California. The fight between the boy and the fish lasted for about 10 minutes. After the short struggle, the fish gave in as Benjamin managed to reel the huge seabass in.

It was the first seabass for Lil’ Red, and it was quite bigger than most people get as their first catch. The massive, white seabass weighed the same as the little boy and was relatively more extended than the boy’s height.

Benjamin’s father, Mike, is also an avid angler and has been fishing for quite a while now. He has proved to be an excellent teacher to Lil’ Red, which is reflected in his fantastic fishing skills.

The landing posted Benjamin’s picture with the beautiful and gigantic seabass on Facebook. They captioned him as the VHS Angler of the Month and stated, “He hooked and reeled this big boy all on his own.”

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Benjamin Morrison, a.k.a. Lil’ Red, was fishing with his dad aboard the Island Spirit out of Ventura, Calif., and reeled the fish to the boat after a surprisingly short fight of 10 minutes.

At 42 pounds, the prized white seabass matched Ben’s weight and was several inches longer than the boy is tall.

Brittani van der Meulen, spokeswoman for Ventura Harbor Sportfishing, told For The Win Outdoors that Ben has a good teacher in his dad, Mike, who is part-owner of 22nd Street Sportfishing in San Pedro.

Author: Pete Thomas

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