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Perch are relatively smaller in size but are very popular among anglers. Perch are pretty agile, and they also put up a good fight.

Perch can be caught in big numbers and always make a satisfying catch. There are many species of Perch across the globe. The yellow and white variants of the Perch are present in the waters of the United States.

In the UK, the common perch species has a greenish-brown back with dark vertical bars across its upper sides. Perch have small sharp teeth and a spiny back. They are commonly found in smaller lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams.

There are different ways to catch a perch, but the drop-shot technique is among the most popular ones. Drop-shot fishing (also known as finesse fishing in the US) uses jigging and spinning with a lure.

You can use different baits to lure Perch, but the best way is by using live bait, specifically worms. As Perch are carnivores, they live off insects and small fish; thus, worms are among the best lures for Perch.

Most boat anglers regularly use the drop-shot technique for catching Perch. First, they tie a weight to the end of the line and then a baited hook further up the line.

As Perch is small in size, you do not need a thick or big rod to catch one. You can use a lightweight rod along with a 6lb test line. Please ensure to use small hooks. If the hook is more significant, the Perch will nibble around it and eat the bait.

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Well, in this session I make a big step in the right way on my drop-shot learning road! I head back to the River Chelmer in Maldon, to fish around the bridges for the Perch. Using the drop-shot technique, and worms and a variety of different lures on the hook, I head to get going.

These little perch really provide some great sport! After catching a few of these around this bridge, I took a stroll down to the next bridge, where we instantly saw a few bigger Perch swimming around, so was really eager to get one!xn

And what a fight this Perch put up! Really put a lovely bend in my Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180! As I netted this one, an even bigger Perch had followed it in! However clearly learning something, he turned away from the lure, quickly swapping to a worm, and avoiding the smaller wasps, this big perch inhaled the worm! And I was in again!

Author: Bailey Payne

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