Carping On with Steve Quinlivan

My Fishing Journey, by Steve Quinlivan My first memory of ‘fishing’ was crabbing with my father and brother. Ok, not what you would call fishing today, but that was nearly 30 years ago. I then got into fishing a bit more seriously at school where we had our own lake, mainly stocked with si[...]

Give fishing a go this National Fishing Month

The joys of fishing should be enjoyed by everyone. It’s about so much more than just catching a fish. It allows us to relax in the great outdoors. It’s a space to unwind, be in nature and have fun. It’s also a chance for families to get outside together, for friends to get competitive with ea[...]


Perch are relatively smaller in size but are very popular among anglers. Perch are pretty agile, and they also put up a good fight. Perch can be caught in big numbers and always make a satisfying catch. There are many species of Perch across the globe. The yellow and white variants of the Perch are[...]

Octopuses and lobsters have feelings

A group of Conservative MPs has stated that octopuses and lobsters must be included in the animal sentence bill A group of Conservative MPs has recently argued that octopuses and lobsters should be included in the law to protect the animals. The group states that some invertebrates, lobs[...]

Brexit Impact on Northern Ireland Fishermen

When the UK exited the European Union on the 2nd of February, 2020, it impacted the entire country in one way or another. Ireland and the UK has a huge fishing community, and it is unhappy due to the negative impacts of Brexit on the fishing industry. A vast majority of the angling community feels [...]