5-year Old Boy Captures a Gigantic Seabass

Benjamin Morrison, aged 5, has caught an enormous 42-pound seabass all on his own Seabass is a variety of different fish species. Most seabass are characterized by a large head and mouth, elongated body shape, and having a broad, fork-less tail. The European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is a bit different. They are silver-grey in color, […]

The Indispensable Mayfly Kit for Fishing

Duffer’s fortnight Duffer’s Fortnight is that particular time of the year when even a newbie or duffer can catch monster trout. However, having the fitting Mayfly kit would help you to succeed in catching fish. This article provides details about Charles Rangeley-Wilson’s Mayfly MOT to ensure you succeed in catching a big game. For a […]

George Lamb from Adventure Fishing UK

This is the latest interview from our FishBuddy featured anglers series. Full Name: George Lamb FishBuddy Username: Georgelamb Home Base: Cumbria When & why did you start fishing? I began fishing as early as I can remember. Fishing is a hobby introduced to me by both sides of my family including sea fishing, lure fishing […]

The Wonder of Crucian Bites!

In today’s blog, I am back at my club lakes; Hockley Angling Club. With my aim catching a few early April Crucians, and also adding a few more species to my tally in the species hunt, which has so far been appalling! However a day catching a few decent skimmers/bream and some Crucians mixed in, […]

Carping On with Steve Quinlivan

My Fishing Journey, by Steve Quinlivan My first memory of ‘fishing’ was crabbing with my father and brother. Ok, not what you would call fishing today, but that was nearly 30 years ago. I then got into fishing a bit more seriously at school where we had our own lake, mainly stocked with silvers and […]