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This article tells the story of an angler’s tench fishing in Essex


The tench, also known as doctor fish, is a freshwater fish that is native to the waters of Europe. However, because of its introduction in other world regions, it is now present in most of the world’s waters.

Tench has primarily one of two colors on its back – olive green or a darker shade with bronze color on the belly region. Tench are carnivores and love to live in shallow waters that have plenty of vegetation.

May and June are the best months if you want to go some tench hunting. It is imperative that you find the right spot while going fishing. If you aren’t a seasoned angler, it is better to ask around and sit where there are small to medium-sized trench present.

It is best to use worms or shellfish maggots as tench like to feed on them for the bait. Another bait that the tench likes to feed on is sweet corn. Furthermore, spot the bubbles in the water to find where your tench are present and then plan your course of action accordingly.

Other than using the right bait, it is also imperative that you use proper tackle. Also, please ensure that the reels have a good drag.

Tench are good fighters, and some of them are natural feeding and fighting machines. However, while trying to land trench, you must be prepared for a battle.

The tench know where the snags are, and they will try to go toward them. To prevent this, you will have to apply side strain and keep the fish away from them.

This article shares a fantastic experience of a young angler’s trench fishing in Essex. To learn more about it, please read the complete article!

Today’s session brings me back to Parsonage Farm, the BDAC water in Chelmsford, after some Tench. A lovely hot day (maybe a bit too hot for fish to feed properly!) and a few fish was on the cards, as well as a sunburn!

My tactics for the day was my 8ft quiver rod and a simple setup of a berry groundbait and corn on the hook in a small hybrid feeder, with hand feeding a few balls of groundbait over this. Simple method, and in the right day, can really do well catching fish.

Casting just past the reed bed on my right, a route the Tench in this lake like to patrol, I was confident a few fish would get onto my feed.

And it didn’t take long of fishing before my tip was ripped round for the first time, and pulling into a heavy fish, it was definitely going to be a Tench. However, it managed to spit the hook during the fight and was gone before I knew it! Devastating losing a fish so early on! However plenty of time to get another chance or two!

While fishing on a hot day, it’s important to make sure your landing mat is wet, and you keep the fish out of the water for as little time as possible! No matter how big or small the fish is! Unhooked, photographed and swiftly back into the lake!

With one of the roach being quite a nice size! However not what I was after!

And then not long after, a much better one, which put up a fantastic fight and a great bite!


The method really seemed to pay off with some lovely fish caught! The last being the best of the day.

Author: Bailey Payne

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