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This article explains a fantastic fly fishing experience of a young angler with some handy tips

Fly fishing is a method of catching fish through a lightweight lure. This particular fishing lure is an artificial fly that the angler casts through a reel, fly rod, and a unique weighted line.
The bait or lure used in fly fishing resembles natural insects (such as a fly), food organisms, or baitfish. The angler deceives the fish into thinking that a fly or some other invertebrate has landed on water through fly fishing.

One can perform fly fishing both on salt water or fresh water. But, according to fishers, fly fishing is one of the most peaceful and satisfying sports on the water.

Fly fishing is diametrically different from traditional fishing, in which you cast the bait below the water. Using fly fishing requires you to focus on your technique and adjust it based on the location where you are present.

If you want to improve your fly fishing, there are some tips that you can follow. Firstly, you should learn how to cast correctly. 
You need to observe and learn from fish behaviour and use it to catch them. For instance, if you are looking at a trout, do not immediately cast. 

During your observation, please note the timing of the fish when it rises. Also, learn the fish’s behaviour and determine the type of bait it feeds on to choose a particular fly.

This particular article reflects the story of a young angler who had just turned eighteen. To celebrate the joyous occasion, his grandparents wanted to provide him with a special gift. The angler thought about the present and decided that the best gift would be fly fishing coaching.

Do you want to learn more about fly fishing from a different perspective? Then, read the complete article to learn more about the fascinating fly fishing experience of Joe Chappell!
There’s a few different fly fishing tutors around Essex but I decided to go with Iain Fraser. He has nearly 50 years of fly fishing experience and seemed like a fantastic option. After exchanging a few emails, we decided on Wednesday the 2 of July. I couldn’t wait.

I had only ever been fly fishing once before and that was a couple of years ago. Iain recommended that our session take place at Chigborough fisheries as it’s perfect for anglers of all abilities. I’ve been carp fishing at Chigborough a couple of times and it’s absolutely stunning, the fishery is set in acres of beautiful woodland and on site there’s 3 trout lakes and 3 course lakes. There really is something to suit every anglers.

Iain started the day by explaining watercraft to me. We went through the different things the trout feed on and where and when they can be found. He explained how the trout feed and it was really fascinating. It amazed me just how different they were from the fish I usually catch.
Iain said that he thought my casting was ready. We stopped for lunch before heading out onto the water.

We went walking and looking for the fish. Glasses are a must when fly fishing to protect your eyes from the fly. Polarized glasses are even better as they cut the glair from the water. We spotted the odd fish rising and swimming but we kept walking. In the corner, we found a huge group of trout shoaled together.

I cast out and missed the first couple of bites. When fly fishing, you don’t actually strike, you just pull back the line. I was really struggling with this technique. Finally, I hooked into another trout. It was the smallest of the day but still more than welcome.
After a couple more casts and about five minutes, I did an absolutely fantastic cast. The line straightened out perfectly and the fly landed right in the middle of the shoal. A trout came up and engulfed my fly. I resisted the urge to strike and I pulled back on the line to tighten it. I felt the resistance of the trout and raised the rod ready for the fight. It put up the best fight of the day and after a little while, it was in the net. I didn’t have time for another cast as it was time to go.

Author: Joe Chappell
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