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So first ever overnight session me and my mate Reece got down at 8:30 am lugging all our gear, food and sleeping stuff down, found a really nice swim with some overhanging trees looking really good for what we are after! 

Decided to cast out a float with a roach deadbait had a few nibbles and something really ripped up the roach, sadly no fish. Cast out again and the float went down after 5 minutes good fight on the fish but it went under a snag and I lost my rig and float but thankfully got them back as I saw them floating around!

Switched to a ledgered roach deadbait and after 20 minutes of silence the alarm starts screaming and rod slowly bent round and I struck into a nice fish, really got fight and pull him into the net got him unhooked and rested, got a weight on him at a solid 9lb he was a really nice fish!

Cast back out and chucked some cut up roach as loose feed every so often and another hooked this one only 6lb but a nice fish and that was the general thing afterwards 5 more fish between 5lbs and 8lbs 

Everything went quiet for a while no bites though the night and our baits got nicked during the night which was a shame!

The morning comes around I decided to cast out a float again instantly as the bait goes down the float bombed away and had a really nice pike at 8lb and had 2 more at 5lb 

One last cast before I left and the biggest fish fell to a small herring what a fight and at just over 10lb it was the biggest of the session but what a good bunch of fish and the bad nights sleep was worth it!

Will Defoe going back there to see if there’s any larger ones lurking out in the depths!

Tight lines everyone.


By Khan Emin

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