Tyneside Angling

Tyneside Angling Ltdis the North Easts premier angling store. We stock a massive range of angling equipment and custom rigs. At Tyneside Angling Ltd we design and manufacture our own products firmly on the basis of quality and performance. Our rigs are simply not made the way others are, we test the lines used before each rig is made and we test them again once the build is complete. Snoods are both removable and adjustable. You get a fully customised rig with the ability to customise further still as you wish. Tyneside Angling Ltd Rigs The idea that a rig should be a throw away item is wasted on us, people pay enough for their rod, reels and tackle and we simply offer a product that will carry on working. We will always use Tronix Rig winders to store your rigs; again they will add life to your product and will never become tangled. Tronix also supply a purpose built storage box to further maintain your rigs. We are maintaining our use of silicone sliders in place of crimps, they will not damage your rig body as some crimps can and allow for more detail to be added to your rigs. We pride ourselves in only using the strongest, premium products from Companies such as Sakuma, Breakaway, Tronix and Gemini.