The Warren Fishery comprises three very different lakes which can be fished on a day ticket; season ticket or as a member. We also have a fourth lake but this is for members only.

The Main Lake of The Warren is an old; but nicely matured andpicturesque gravel pit. Although approximately 28 acres in size it’snot just one sheer; featureless expanse of water. It’s broken up bynumerous islands; channels; reed beds and little secluded bays.Under the surface there are lots of alluring features too; which arejust crying out to be fished. There are numerous gravel bars;humps & tabletops; big gravel plateaux; deep silt pockets whichthe bloodworm thrive in; and lily pads. The depths range from 2ft to10ft+ in places; depending a lot on water levels and time of year.

The Square Lake – This lake; as the name suggests; is square in shape and about 2 acres in size. It used to be joined to the Main Lake but was separated a few years ago in order to create a lake to hold a large head of Carp. The intention was to create a ‘runs water’. Over the years it has been stocked with the smaller Carp (under 15lb) from the Main Lake and although there are lots of them in there; they are putting on weight. The biggest one in there is around the 29lb mark and there are also quite a few twenties. The average weight of Carp is probably 10 – 12lb; but there are a good head of upper doubles present.

Match Lake – Although this lake is known as the Match Lake it is now designed for pleasure anglers to come down and have a good days’ fishing. The lake is 2.5 to 3 acres in size and has 31 pegged swims; which in the near future are going to be rebuilt to make many of them fully accessible. Most of the swims around the lake have reed cover which holds fish; and it gives a feature to fish to.

The Tench lake is for members only.


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