Rackley Hills Lake

Rackley Hills lake is situated on the outskirts of Leighton Buzzard, close to the by pass. Entry is via the access road to Grundfos Pumps.

The lake is an old sand quarry, disused for many years it has matured into an attractive lake. Despite the surrounding factory units anglers can feel as if they are in a countryside setting.

The lake varies in depth from two feet to twelve feet. The lake is well known for its catfish stocks which currently reach 62lb. There are numerous fish in the 40 and 50lb range.

The lake also contains a good head of carp, some of which have been caught to 42lb. Recently the lake was stocked with fast growing Simmonds mirror carp at 4lb-5lb. Last year some of these fish were caught at 20lb-25lb which indicates an impressive growth rate.

There are stocks of roach and bream in the lake. Pike are present but do not grow to any great size. Anglers may park along one side of the lake and walk a short distance to their swim.

Do not park close to the Grundfos Pumps gates and block them!! Anglers wishing to night fish must apply for a place on a night syndicate.

Members must leave the water in the evening at the time stated in the club membership booklet. Three rods may be used on this water.

There are no bait bans or tackle limits. We do request that anglers fishing for catfish use at least 15lb line and appropriate rods. A fifty inch landing net and large unhooking mat are needed as well.

Rackley Hills lake is owned by Leighton Buzzard Angling Club