Mill Lane

Farnham Angling Society's main specimen water where most of the species present grow to above average size.

Mill Lane is our premier Carp fishery, containing 34 Carp, 7 of which can exceed 40lb + at the right time of year, and include two 50lb+ fish, with the remaining fish in the 20-30lb class. A fish known as Whiskers has been reported over 50lb and Tench have been coming out in 2018 into double figures. The venue requires a very dedicated approach, but the patient and dedicated can reap considerable rewards.

Mirror Carp to 53lb, Common Carp to 41lb, Koi to 32lb and Grass Carp to 37lb are present in the lake which offers a very attractive and secure environment and the lake also contains other specimen sized fish, including Eels to 5lb plus, Tench to 10lb (Average size 6-7lb!), Bream to 18lb, Pike to 27lb and Perch to 3lb.