Hollow Angling Society

Hollow Angling Society is a small fishing club with nine differing still waters and six sections of river fishing all around the north east corner of the M25. Ranging from ideal junior ponds to serious Carp fishing waters and a famous natural river. We are members of the Fishers Green Consortium controlling the complex consisting of the Old River Lea; the Flood relief channel from Holyfield [Langridge] weir to Fishers Green lane; Seventy Acre lake; part of Holyfield [Langridge] lake; Hooks Marsh; and the top of the Cornmill stream. We are members of the Turnford Angling Consortium controlling the Slipe lane fishery in the Lea Valley Regional Park; consisting of Railway pit; Marsh pit; Lea pit and Boot pit; well known for their specimen fish especially notable are the Tench; Bream and Carp. We are members of the Enfield Angling Council controlling Woodlands lake in Forty hall; a typical estate lake full of Carp; Roach; Perch; Eels and Pike We are members of the Waltham Abbey Angling Society controlling the Old River lea running through the Dragonfly meadows north of the Waltham Abbey by pass . Our other member only fishery is Paradise lake in the Warlies estate between Woodford and Epping. We also have tickets for the Lea Relief Channel between Waltham Abbey and Waltham Cross.