High Street Tackle

High Street Tackle has been trading in Ilfracombe, North Devon only since 2015. The owners Danny and Pauline originally from Hertfordshire have always been interested in fishing and since moving to Devon found themselves in a position to open their shop in the High Street serving both the local community and visitors to the area. Within the shop in Ilfracombe you will find a large selection of essential tackle for both coarse and sea fishing - with an obvious emphasis on sea fishing. There is also a good selection of the non essential tackle that you may want to treat yourself to! You will find items from many of the top brands available, such as Tronix, HTO, Penn, Shakespeare, Berkley, Cox and Rawleand many others. We pride ourselves on our impressive selection of modern lure fishing tackle from some of the major brands in this field such as Fiiish, IMA, Lucky Craft, Xorus, Lunker City, Wave, Gary Yamamoto, Bait Breath. We do have lures hard and soft to suit every situation! We especially pride ourselves with ourstock of Fiiishproducts with virtually the entire range of Black Minnows and Crazy Sandeelsalways in stock.