Full Name: Amy Buchan
FishBuddy Username: AmyBuchan fishing
Home base: Manchester

When & why did you start fishing?:

The first fishing trip I remember was when I was aged 5 on a local lake with my Grandad and Dad.

Following that, I started going regularly with my Dad when I was aged 8, caught my first carp and it stuck from there.

Your best fishing trip experience?

12 years ago I completed a carp school. I caught a 20lber and it is still one of my favourites.

Which are your usual Fishing Venues?:

  1. Linear fisheries
  2. South Cliff Farm
  3. Local club waters.

Your target fish breeds?:


Preferred fishing methods

My go-to method will always be a bright pop-up with a mesh or solid bag of pellet. Following that and depending on conditions of the lake spodding over zigs, making a cloud around your zig is such an effective tactic.

Favourite fishing baits?

  • A pineapple pop-up if I’m ever in doubt I like to keep it simple.
  • DNA NuttaS or Mainline Cell – you can’t go wrong.
  • Particle wise, corn and hemp to present a bed of bait.

What fishing ambitions do you still have?

My biggest ambition is to get out and enjoy my fishing more. There isn’t a certain fish or water I am targeting, I just want to go and have fun and catch fish, getting back to the roots of what it is really all about.

Any advice to new anglers?

My biggest piece of advice is to speak to people and make friends – most people on the bank will be nice back to you and help you if you need it. You will make friends for life through fishing and normally it’s people you wouldn’t necessarily think you would be friends with. Also, don’t get caught up thinking about sponsors etc. Just have fun, enjoy it for what it is.
(And get good photos)

Interesting facts about yourself?

I have a degree in Special Needs and Inclusion. Plus, I’m a qualified teacher

Social Media Links

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/amybuchanfishing/

Amy Buchan