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Meet Joe Cartwright

Based in Rutland

This is my fishing tale. I first went local fishing clubs near me with my dad when I was a kid but it didn’t stick at that point and football won over.

In my early twenties I started fishing again with a friend from work and that lead to 10+ years of a fair bit of fishing. From rivers, lakes and the sea. At that time I lived in Essex at home as a single guy. I spent most of my money on fishing equipment, day tickets and club memberships. We even took a couple of trips to Belgium once the Carp days took over.

As I got in to my thirties I met my Scottish lass and started to fish less with visiting Edinburgh to see her. Less then 2 years later I was married and she moved down. My fishing became less and less and eventually I decided to sell all my Carp gear but kept a few bits for some fun local fishing spots.

Then in 2019 I decided that I wanted to start fishing again. I have been on a couple of solo trips and also a Pike fishing trip with my dad and nephew, who has just started his fishing adventure and is possibly a reason why I am being a reborn angler


Episode 8

Usual Local Fishing Venues

Here are I have listed some local fishing venues and angling clubs UK :

  1. Homeclose Fishery in Oakham.
  2. Just joined Grantham Angling Association
  3. Open for recommendations

Preferred Fishing Tackle

Use a quiver tip mainly but just bought a Wychwood Riot carp rod 10ft 3lbtc. Trying to start using method feeder recently as never used it before. As far as end fishing tackle I chop and change a fair bit at present. Need to get my head around it all again

Fishing Ambitions

Would love to start catching some big carp again in the UK. 20lb common and mirror are my next targets. Would also love to enter a match or two.

Interesting Facts.

I used to sing in a male voice choir back in Essex and also spent a season as an American Football coach  with the Essex Spartans.