Woodlakes offers an array of lakes to turn your angling skills to.
We have 5 lakes suitable for beginners through to experienced anglers. Day tickets & guest tickets are available.

We also offer annual memberships providing discounted entry, night fishing access, and exclusive use of the championship lake.

Fishing is open all year round.

Cabin Lake

323m x 98m (1079ft x 328ft)

Coverage of approx. 10 acres varying in depths up to 6ft. Designated swim in front of cabin, day ticket holders on the opposite side.

  • Carp up to 40lb.
  • Bream up to 16lb.
  • Tench up to 9lb.
  • Pike up to 28lb.

North Lake

94m x 65m (313ft x 216ft)

Coverage of approx. 3 acres varying depths of 6ft, but don’t let the size put you off, carp are still coming out at 19 ½lb.

Two Pole Lake

120m x 102m (399ft x 343ft) 

Coverage of approx. 4 acres varying in depths between 4-6ft. Ranging from 14-26 ½lb on Carp. Also with Tench, Bream and Roach.

Championship Lake

408m x 15m (1338ft x 521ft) 

Coverage of approx. 12 acres with depths up to 6ft. A mixture of some good size carp up to 40lb (none yet caught). Only fished by Club Members and residents.

Stow Copse Lake

130m x 122m (426ft x 400ft)

Coverage of approx. 3 acres with depths around 5ft. Shaped like an S with a few hidden swims.