Wigan District Angling Association

Currently the Association offers its members a wide variety of venues to suit all angling styles.

We have been fortunate to secure the fishing rights on our stretch of the River Ribble.

Our match scene continues to go from strength to strength both on the canal and Moran’s Moat and Fan Lodge. Locally around many parts of the borough our members continue to use local ponds such as the Deep Pit and Square Lodge at Hindley and Scot lane New Pond close to Marsh Green.

These waters provide a valued facility to many locals and are as popular today as ever. They also provide the casual angler the opportunity to fish by purchasing a day ticket from one of our team of bailiffs. Heapey Reservoirs’ continue to be the water of choice for many carp and pike anglers and our night fishing permit is very popular. We also provide night fishing at Fan Lodge again a popular water with carp anglers.

Overall the Association provides excellent value for money to its members. Our members if they so choose could fish our waters for 365 per year for the equivalent cost of 12 pence per day for an adult member or just over 5 pence per day for an OAP. It’s even less for those members who’s club or match group is affiliated to the Association.