West Bexington Beach

West Bexington is an angler’s hotspot.

This area is famous for large numbers of Cod in the winter and spring as well as a large run of Plaice during the spring as well. During the summer you will pick up all manner of species here.

Be prepared to have a fairly busy beach full of anglers as this area is really popular with locals.

The draw of the area is the relatively steep beaches that fall away into deep water. This is a great venue during any season and its easy access all add to its attraction.

The best tactics to use here are 2-3 hook flappers with small size hooks i.e 1-2 and baited with cocktails such as ragworm and squid . You can also target bigger fish with bigger tactics, 2/0 3/0 pulley rig with a whole squid or big mackerel bait will catch bass and rays.