The Sedges

The three lakes total over 6 acres of water with plenty of well spaced pegs. All are well stocked with mainly carp and bream, although there are also plenty of barbel, chub, tench, perch, roach and rudd.

Pole fishing and feeder fishing are very popular approaches on Tile and Brick Lakes. Waggler fishing shallow also works well in the warmer months.
Pole fishing is the best way to attack Canal Lake, although any float fishing style should catch well.

Pellets and paste work well in the summer, swapping to corn and maggots when it is colder.

There are regular matches held on each of the lakes, often booked by visiting clubs. We also run an over 50s match every Monday, and a Christmas Open on Brick and Tile lakes. Wherever possible, we leave at least one lake open for pleasure anglers and holidaymakers.