Rea Brook

The Rea Brook, often known as the ‘Brook’, is a very special fishery and holds a big foundation in Western Fly Fishing. As Thomas Barker (1591-1651) published a very early angling book, known as ‘The Art Of Angling’ which featured some of the first ever illustrations of Fly Fishing equipment and fly tying. Which Mr Baker was originally from ‘Brace, Meole’ which is now known as Meole Brace in Shrewsbury. Which is where our section starts, while our very own Thomas from Meole Brace is the Rea Brook Fishery Warden on our Fisheries. A tributary of the Rivern Severn, the ‘Brook’ section of ours starts at Meole Brace behind Moneybrook Way, then flows past the Brooklands Pub and the side of the Meole Brace Golf Course, then wedged between Reabrook and Sutton Farm Estates, then out into the meadows over looked by Lord Hills Columm. While sneaking behind Cineworld and Asda supermerket, which is where our section ends, before it meets up with the severn near the English Bridge. It’s a mixed fishery, containing all different specie, while being known for both Brown Trout and Greyling, which delights both Course and Fly Fisherman alike. Salmon parr are often found, while the odd small river carp and jack pike. The ‘Brook’ is also a keen learning ground for our young anglers, who often catch their first fish from the ‘Brook’.