Angling Direct Wigan

Have you visited Angling Direct Wigan (formally North West Angling Centre) recently Angling Direct acquired the business on 17th November 2017; since then it has received the full AD treatment, and is now reborn in all its splendour. With a huge amount of effort from the staff, area managers, and fitting team, along with a considerable investment from ourselves (I cant say how much as Ive been sworn to secrecy!) Angling Direct Wigan is looking in line with all our other flagship fishing super stores. Angling Direct Wigan is located in Hindley, Wigan, and the shop itself is housed in a unique building, St Pauls Chapel. The chapel, built in 1815, was formally North West Angling Centre, running for 30 years before Angling Direct acquired the business. The chapel has had a chequered history, being taken on by North West Angling Centre after it was left burnt out by vandals. Over the 30 years that it was home to North West Angling Centre, the building grew cosmetically more tired and worn around the edges, with various structural issues that needed to be addressed.