Hooked On Fishing Blackpool

We stock an extensive range of baits from most of the leading suppliers and are also one of the cheapest suppliers of fresh course baits in the Blackpool area. Course Baits As the maggot is one of the most popular baits for course fishing, we sell mixed colour, red and white maggots along with pinkies. Our maggots and pinkies are riddled in store to make sure all the sawdust is removed before sale. Our casters are also prepared in store and we use our fresh maggots which are left to turn naturally. We also stock red worms and bradlings.We stock an excellent selection of groundbaits, pellets, powders and liquid additives from most of the leading suppliers. We also stock our own range of fishery friendly course pellets. If pike fishing is your choice of fishing we have a good selection of dead baits from Baitbox or if specimen carp are your target, then we stock a good range of both frozen and shelf life boilies, pop-ups and glugs from suppliers including Dynamite, Nash, Stickybaits and Mainline. As Devon Peeler Crab (subject to availability) and local Black Lug worms are most sea anglers choice of bait we keep both fresh and frozen on site. Our fresh Local black lug is delivered daily. We also keep an excellent selection of frozen Ammo sea baits including Mackerel, Sand Eels, Razor fish, Squid & Mussels.