Frant Lakes

Frant Lakes is a quality 8 lake fishing coarse fishing complex.

Each of our lakes are surrounded by mature trees and we offer day and night fishing all year round.

We offer day and night fishing all year round featuring mature English Carp to 35lb+, Perch to 5lb+ as well as Bream, Roach, Tench, Ghosties, Orfe, Chubb and Dace as well as Barbel which feature in our stretch of the River Teise which runs through the complex.

In short we have everything an angler might want for a great day’s fishing.

Our new building features a 5 star hygiene rated cafe with an outside patio area and our newly refurbished tackle shop open all day every day in the Summer. With a shower suite available to overnight anglers and a cafe open Tuesday to Sunday, We are confident that you'll never need to go home again!