County Ground

The County Ground provides good fishing to the tip and pole for Roach, Dace, Bream, Chub and the odd Barbel. Good, comfortable pegs and easy access means this has been a popular competition venue in the past, with the Quarry now taking centre stage as match numbers have fallen in recent years.

Excellent Pike fishing can be had on the lower section, near to the car park, through the winter months with the middle section providing some excellent sport through the summer to the roving Pike angler fishing lures. Some mild winter days can bring excellent results too.

The upper limit offers a presently unlocked potential for the adventurous Barbel fisher. There are a host of features along this long, sweeping right-hand bend in the river that forms the top part, or neck, of the large ‘Horseshoe’ which encircles the whole of the town centre.

The County Ground Itself is also of a similar shape, the river carving round through 180 degrees before squeezing under the Welsh Bridge. When Sabrina is in flood, the County Ground can easily be covered with over 6 feet of floodwater, and likewise on the car park!