Bluebell Lakes has become one of, if not the very best big fish day ticket waters in the country. With Carp up to 50lb and a massive number or Carp for 20lb to 30lb.


Big carp is what Bluebell Lakes is famous for, but that’s not to say that there aren’t other species worth fishing with huge pike recorded at 41lb, beautiful bream, tench, chub, perch and roach. There are five lakes to choose from, two big fish waters ‘Kingfisher and ‘Swan’, two mixed fish water ‘Bluebell’ and ‘Sandmartin’, one dedicated heavily stocked carp water ‘Mallard’. We also have a magnificent 2 mile stretch of the ‘River Nene’. All in all its top quality so come and visit us.

Opening Times

  • 1st October – 31st March 8.00am – Dusk
  • 1st April – 30th September 7.00am – 8.00pm


Our Address:

Tansor Oundle Peterborough PE8 5HP