Becmain Angling Society

Becmain Angling Society control three day ticket waters; Valence Moat in Dagenham is a small lake ideal for juniors learning to fish; the fish include roach; rudd; crucians; perch; gudgeon. There's also larger carp nearing double figures for the more advanced angler. Harwood Hall; (also known as Parklands) in Upminster is again a nice lake for juniors. The water also holds a good head of large carp and carp anglers visit the water regularly; there's some pike and all the usual fish including roach; rudd; crucian. Pea Lane Fishery also in Upminster is our newest day ticket water; this lake is for the angler that wants peace and quiet; youngsters under 18 must be accompanied by adult. The lake is very well looked after and if you leave any rubbish beware the bailiff! as this is his pet hate. In 1998 the Angling club took over the fishing rights of Garnish Hall at Abridge; this water is for members only; it's a small lake with an island in the middle; the carp there go to double figures and roach and rudd are abundant. The lake is at the back of a farmhouse; and again is well kept and free of litter.