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Lerwick Named Port of the Year

The port located at the heart of Europe’s finest fishing spots is named Port of the Year for the year 2021 Lerwick Port, has been named Port of the Year 2021 in the annual Fishing News Awards. Fishing News is the UK’s leading weekly publication in the fishing industry. The award is significant for Lerwick […]

Octopuses and lobsters have feelings

A group of Conservative MPs has stated that octopuses and lobsters must be included in the animal sentence bill A group of Conservative MPs has recently argued that octopuses and lobsters should be included in the law to protect the animals. The group states that some invertebrates, lobsters, and octopuses have feelings and should be […]

5-year Old Boy Captures a Gigantic Seabass

Benjamin Morrison, aged 5, has caught an enormous 42-pound seabass all on his own Seabass is a variety of different fish species. Most seabass are characterized by a large head and mouth, elongated body shape, and having a broad, fork-less tail. The European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is a bit different. They are silver-grey in color, […]

The Indispensable Mayfly Kit for Fishing

Duffer’s fortnight Duffer’s Fortnight is that particular time of the year when even a newbie or duffer can catch monster trout. However, having the fitting Mayfly kit would help you to succeed in catching fish. This article provides details about Charles Rangeley-Wilson’s Mayfly MOT to ensure you succeed in catching a big game. For a […]


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