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George Lamb from Adventure Fishing UK

This is the latest interview from our FishBuddy featured anglers series. Full Name: George Lamb FishBuddy Username: Georgelamb Home Base: Cumbria When & why did you start fishing? I began fishing as early as I can remember. Fishing is a hobby introduced to me by both sides of my family including sea fishing, lure fishing […]

Give Fishing a Go

The Environment Agency have launched a new campaign to increase the number of people going fishing and raise awareness of the need for a fishing licence in England. FishBuddy are pleased to support the campaign by spreading the message to the visitors of the FishBuddy Directory and all our #fishbuddies on the FishBuddy App and […]

Middle Aged Angler Reborn

Meet Joe Cartwright Based in Rutland This is my fishing tale. I first went local fishing clubs near me with my dad when I was a kid but it didn’t stick at that point and football won over. In my early twenties I started fishing again with a friend from work and that lead to […]


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