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This incredible footage shows a gigantic humpback whale caught leaping out from the sea next to a fishing boat

A fisherman was out fishing somewhere in Monterey Bay, Canada when a huge humpback whale decided to rattle his nerves by leaping out right next to his boat. The tiny boat trembled like a leaf against the wind as the whale dived back into the depths of the ocean by sending violent ripples through the calm sea. This encounter was unexpected and shocking while the humpback was eerily close to the fisherman and it can be safely stated that his heart might have skipped a beat or two.

This terrifying and nerve-rattling encounter was captured by Kate Cummings, a whale watcher and Douglas Croft, who is a 60-year old photographer. The footage is absolutely marvelous and frightening at the same time.

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According to Douglas, the whole event was very exciting. He further commented that the Salmon season coincides with the time when the humpback whales are returning to Monterey Bay in order to feed themselves for the coming summer. Due to this, there were hundreds of boats gathered on the bay, fishing. Apparently, this particular mammoth mammal had already breached the surface a couple of times and this time it went directly in line of the boat. The shot of the dramatic encounter really shows the difference in size of the whale and the boat as the breach was directly behind the boat.

Whales are acrobatic creatures and they like to breach from time to time. Sometimes, they breach multiple times playfully or to communicate a desire or need. They also breach during mating season. The video clip of the encounter can be seen by visiting the following link:

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Author: Jade Small

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Incredible Footage Shows Humpback Leaping From The Sea Next To Fishing Boat

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